Imagine You Being Free from Drugs in 2020

Drug Treatment Specialist in Boulder CO at Addiction Exchange

As your Boulder drug treatment specialist and psychologist, I provide you with the specific care you need to eliminate addiction.  I have helped approximately 1800 clients over a twenty-five year period  exchange drug dependence for a life worth living.  You can count on me being your dedicated partner in achieving what you need and want.  Your commitments are my commitments.

An Explanation for the Reason You Became Addicted to Drugs?

In some ways, addiction is similar to a love affair that ended, and you insisted on keeping it going.  You continued your drug obsession way past the moment when you could have let it go.  Over time, your identity changed (transformed) from non-substance abuser to substance abuser.  That is when you became addicted I believe.  You are now in a love-hate relationship with addiction that leads to disease and premature death I suspect as you may know.  Fortunately for you, I have discovered how to help most of my clients let their addiction go permanently, as you are likely to do when we join forces.


You Maybe Thinking: What is the Solution?

The remedy for your substance abuse is changing your identity from drug abuser to non-drug user!  This means as a substance abuser, that you value highly consuming your drug of choice and inadvertently harm yourself while doing it.  When you change your character from drug abuser to non-drug user, you will no longer desire to consume harmful recreational substances at.

In the future, you might say, “Substance abuse is what those other people do that I use to do.”  You may be thinking, “I would not give a plug nickel for all the drugs in the world for my consumption.”  The likelihood of you abusing substances in the future is slim because it is no longer your thing once you make the leap to freedom.  It is similar to graduating from a horrible middle school experience when and where we were bullied.  Once we completed it, we had multiple reasons not to return and we did not.  Ending Addiction, addressing Your Anxiety,  Depression, or Trauma, and Laying Your foundation for a Beautiful Life at Addiction Exchange is what I stand for.  It is also what you will receive from me.

What Benefits at Addiction Exchange Maybe to your Liking?
  • Excellent tailored, outpatient alcohol drug addiction therapy created just for you.
  • Outpatient, personal, one-on-one, once a week, and a sixty-minute session is likely to accomplish what you want and need.
  • The majority of clients under my care achieved their goals, and I predict that you will also.
  • Telephone counseling and consultation are available as desired for persons who live out of the area and clients.
  • My fee is either $150, $125, or $100  for a sixty-minute hour based on financial necessity.
  • I have a long pro bono waiting list for people who need help.  My practice is equally divided into four payment categories.

If you have any interest or questions about our collaboration, call my personal cell phone at 303-349-3493, to schedule a consultation with me.  The consultation fee shall be waived as a courtesy during January 2020 and you may receive a discount on professional services as well.  Smiles.

Daniel W. Minerva, Ph.D., MA, MBA

Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Alcohol Treatment Specialist


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