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Please inform me how I may serve you. I suggest that you contact me on my cell phone (303-442-3110) to discuss how I may assist you and your loved ones. The best way to reach me directly for an initial telephone consultation is between 10 AM and 1 PM most weekdays. Getting to know one another and finding how I may support you will be a good place to start. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Addiction Exchange

255 Canyon Boulevard, Suite 300
Boulder, CO 80302

Telephone: 303-442-3110
Open: Monday through Friday
From: 11 AM to 7 PM MST

Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Alcohol Treatment Specialist

Couples Counselor & Therapist in Boulder CO

Practice Details


My fee for a sixty-minute hour is $150,  $125 an hour, and $100 an hour per session. I have openings for two new clients through January 2020 at $100 per hour.

Fees will be paid at the time of service unless we make other arrangements.


Credit card, check, and cash is accepted.


Medicare is accepted. I also accept other medical insurances as an out of network provider. I will file your insurance claims to your insurance company for you. Your insurance provider will reimburse you directly. I recommend that you request your private insurance provider to accept me as an in-network provider for you as a special case because you are unable to find anyone within the network that offers the effective Identity Transformation Addiction Treatment that I will provide you.

Cancellation Policy

We will give one another at least a twenty-four-hour prior cancellation notice. If I do not, I will pay your $75. On the other hand, if you do not provide me with a twenty-four-hour prior cancellation notice, you will pay me $75.

Daniel W. Minerva

Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Alcohol Treatment Specialist

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