Drug/Substance Abuse Treatment in Boulder


Identity Change Ends Drug Abuse for the Foreseeable future. – Daniel W. Minerva

You and your loved ones no longer have to suffer from drug abuse and the associated negative consequences. I have perfected a cutting edge customized substance abuse treatment program that eliminates drug abuse. It is based on four decades of studying, treating, and researching persons with substance abuse issues. I learned from my research that when drug abusers actually become nondrug users, they no longer abuse substances, and they no longer have a drug abuse problem. The explanation is that once a drug abuser’s identity changes to a nondrug user, he no longer values consuming drugs in the present or future.


I offer you an opportunity to eliminate substance abuse if you have a medication or recreational substance abuse problem. Your treatment will be based on Descriptive Psychology, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, and Mindfulness Training. The critical factor in ending substance abuse is based on you achieving Identity Change from drug abuser to nondrug user. You will also have an opportunity to develop mastery over your drug abuse until you are able to change to a nondrug abuser. Anxiety and depression will be addressed as well, when appropriate. My intention is to raise your competence, knowledge, and mastery so that you are able to make friends with yourself, others, and the world that will exchange drug abuse for peace and harmony.

Together, you and I will develop, implement, and update on a regular basis, a customized, comprehensive treatment program designed to address your specific addiction and other mental health issues. Our “uplifting” combined one-on-one individual psychotherapy and coaching sessions will usually be sixty-minutes once a week with texting and telephone conversations between sessions. I encourage you to express your higher values over your lesser values continually. You will discover on a daily basis that living your life without addiction and the associated suffering is a blessing. I look forward to providing you with the gentle care you want and need.

Daniel W. Minerva

Daniel W. Minerva, Ph.D., MBA
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Alcohol Treatment Specialist