2020: Imagine Your Life Without Drug Abuse

Highest Quality Substance Treatment “Your Way”


“Your Way” means you receive the highest quality drug treatment in the way you need and want so you overcome substance abuse.  Equally important, we design and implement the highest quality drug treatment your way which removes your addiction long term.  Best practice care that ends substance abuse were perfected over three decades.  Thousands of other brave clients before you have contributed to the therapy that we employ. They past down the value of self-compassion, kindness and love for you to receive through our bonding.

Acceptance, Commitment and Values Importance

Our acceptance, commitments, goals, and values create the life where we want to live.  They prevent us from getting caught up in allowing our difficult issues to dictate what we can and cannot do.  Instead, we no longer treat alcohol, drug abuse, depression, and anxiety as our masters.  We change our relationship with what causes our suffering and despair.

Accepting our difficulties while keeping our committed valued goals reduce those issues.  Loving-kindness and compassion towards ourselves and others lighten the burden on our way to awakening in the world we create.  It also lays the foundation for addressing anxiety, depression and other issues that prevent us from enjoying life.  Your healthy desires, needs and wants connected to your valued goals becomes your way.

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On A Personal Note

Let’s get to know one another by initiating a telephone call or completing an information questionnaire.  Please ask me about my 2019 gift for you when you telephone or write to me.  I look forward to meeting you.  Thank you for dropping by and come back soon.

Daniel W. Minerva, Ph.D., MBA

Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Alcohol Treatment Specialist

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