Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment Specialist

Effectively Treating Alcohol, Drug and Other Addictions Is My Expertise

Ending addiction one person at a time is my “thing.” – Daniel W. Minerva

Addiction Exchange offers you and your loved ones lasting solutions to remove the confusion, pain and suffering from alcohol and other drug abuse, exacerbated by depression and anxiety. I have perfected effective substance abuse treatments based on my studies, research, and clinical practice over the past four decades that fortifies the care that you will receive from me as we create a treatment strategy that shall end addiction and create the life you always wanted to live. Pioneering and developing a cutting-edge, customized Identity Transformation Treatment Program that eliminates substance abuse for clients who succeed in changing their identity from drug abusers to nondrug users is my goal.

Together, you and I shall design, develop, implement, and continually revise a comprehensive, one-on-one, custom treatment program for you. We shall work together until you achieve the competence, experience, identity, knowledge, and motivation, i.e., personal characteristics, that will empower you to construct a solid foundation upon which to build and to maintain a sustainable, healthy joyful lifestyle without substance abuse, and other mental health difficulties. I look forward to assisting you in becoming your own best friend so that you will always have an ally to depend on.

Daniel W. Minerva

Daniel W. Minerva, Ph.D., MBA
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Alcohol Treatment Specialist

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