About You & Me

Working together doing what is best for you. – Daniel W. Minerva

     What is the most important gift that you may give to you? It is becoming your best friend in my professional opinion. Once you make the change to be authentic, kind, loving, and charitable, your life will be far better than it is now. You will continue to do so in the future as long as you and others take good care of self and one another, you do little harm, and you address what needs to be addressed regularly. You and I working together can and will achieve the above and more.

     I offer you an opportunity to transform from where you are now, to where you really need and want to be in the present and future. As your transformation grows stronger over time and endures as you continue to be true to you, you will be in a position to be charitable to others and to lead them out of their chaos and confusion if you are inclined to do so. I promise that it will not be that hard for you to do because I will be there until you no longer need my support. Let’s explore how we work together so that you become your best friend, and you take good care of yourself while being true to you and your loved ones.

Daniel W. Minerva

Daniel W. Minerva, Ph.D., MBA
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Alcohol Treatment Specialist