Depression & Depressive Disorders Treatment in Boulder

Depression yields to completing relationships, status loss, and ending addiction.
– Daniel W. Minerva

Depression Doesn’t Always Have to Be Depressing, James R. Holmes, Ph.D., (2013), opened my eyes to a helpful way to treat folks with depression. My takeaway from Dr. Holmes’ book is that if you are experiencing depression, it will be useful for you to see yourself as on a journey to find your way out of your depression. I offer to be your guide if you want to be assisted through “the detours, roadblocks, rough spots, and setbacks you are likely to encounter along your journey.” to overcome depression.


I have extensive outpatient one-on-one individual customized Descriptive Psychology Psychotherapy integrated with both Cognitive Behavior therapy and Mindfulness Training experience that is highly effective in treating depression. I also offer you customized individual psychotherapy that produces favorable results if alcohol and other substance abuse, anxiety, stress, and/or trauma are issues. I look forward to providing you with what you want and need to achieve wellbeing and prosperity.

Daniel W. Minerva

Daniel W. Minerva, Ph.D., MBA
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Alcohol Treatment Specialist