About You

Giving purpose to life based on your values is far better than trying to find purpose.
– Daniel W. Minerva

     As a person with enormous mental and physical capacity, you can substantially reduce the damage you cause to you, to others, and to planet earth. What it takes to do this requires you learning to be present, to be awake, and to be aware of what is happening at any given moment, and to treat what is occurring appropriately. The quality of your life elevates as you become intimate with your values and you use them as your guiding light in what you do, and what you refrain from doing.

     Creating and living the life that you always wanted to live follows mastering the aforementioned principles. I offer a helping hand to you if you require one to master taking good care of one another and yourself and to accept the world as it is so that you are in harmony with giving purpose to what serves you and others well. May we discuss finding the goodness in your life by giving purpose to what really matters to you?

Daniel W. Minerva

Daniel W. Minerva, Ph.D., MBA
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Alcohol Treatment Specialist