Addiction Specialist Psychologist Healer

Specialist Psychologist

Addiction Specialist Psychologist Healer

World Class Professor, Dr. Peter G. Ossorio, Turned Daniel Minerva Into an Addiction Specialist Psychologist Healer


My world shifted for the best when I realized that I wanted to heal people from their addictions.  At that time, I was a corporate executive analyst designing source data collection systems when I had this epiphany. The month after my psychologist career realization occurred, I exchanged living in the corporate world for a truer expression of me.

Job Change from Branch Manager to Psychiatric Orderly


I started at the  as a psychiatric orderly taking good care of my patients on a psychiatric inpatient unit during the day. I facilitated personal growth groups, and I picked up psychology courses in the evenings and on weekends as I prepared to attend graduate school.

Fate Smiled on Me, & I Landed at University of Colorado, Boulder!

I hit the “jackpot” thirty months later when the University of Colorado (CU), Boulder, Graduate Clinical Psychology Department accepted me as a graduate student much to my astonishment.  CU was voted as one of the best five clinical psychology graduate departments in the world by the other psychology graduate school departments. I still feel grateful to have had a second chance at finding and enjoying a career that fits me so well.  I may be able to assist you in creating a career and life that fits you well.

I Found My “Chosen Father,” Peter Ossorio, at CU Boulder

Dr. Peter G. Ossorio, the father of Descriptive Psychology, was the chairman of the admission committee that selected my class at CU. Dr. Ossorio bestowed his mentorship on me over a twenty-year period that provided me with the professional and personal foundation to become the authentic person who I am now. I often impart Peter’s teachings with whomever is open to them to bring together a critical mass that creates a world that works for everyone. Descriptive Psychology may be the glue that holds us together during the difficult times we are experiencing.

I Trained for 15 Years at CU to be the Addiction Specialist Psychologist Healer that I Am Today

Peter and the other distinguished faculty trained us in the scholar clinician model that means the mental health teaching and training that we received was based on the highest clinical standards in our practice, research, study, teaching, and training. The scholar clinician program inspired me to remain at the University of Colorado, Boulder for fifteen years to study, to research and to treat persons with alcohol and other substance abuse made worse by anxiety and depression that resulted in my establishing Addiction Exchange in 1994.

I look forward to supporting you in identifying and creating what brings you what you need and want to create the life you want to live.

Daniel W. Minerva

Daniel W. Minerva, PhD, MBA
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Alcohol Treatment Specialist

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