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About Addiction Exchange

Addiction Exchange is the gift that keeps giving. – Daniel W. Minerva

I founded Addiction Exchange for you, your loved one and other folks to assist in exchanging alcohol and other drug abuse exacerbated by anxiety and depression for the life you always wanted to live.  Every year from 1994 until and now, the clients whom I have treated and I have improved the effectiveness of Identity Transformation alcohol and other substance abuse treatment programs much to our delight.  The key to your success is that when you replace your alcohol abuser identity with a nonalcohol user identity, your addiction ends, and you are rewarded with a brand-new lease on life.  Identity Transformation Treatment works similarly well for other drug abuse issues as well as it does for alcohol abuse.  Additional information is available for you to peruse on this website by clicking either of the following links Alcohol Abuse or Drug Abuse Treatment.

Daniel W. Minerva

Daniel W. Minerva, Ph.D., MBA
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Alcohol Treatment Specialist