Boulder CO Psychologist

Addiction Exchange is a Boulder, CO clinical therapy clinic providing treatment for drug, alcohol and other addictions. Dr. Daniel Warsaw Minerva, an experienced Boulder therapist, works with patients to break dependency on drugs and help them make better choices for themselves and their families.

Dr. Minerva specializes in clinical psychology and humanistic descriptive psychology, both helpful disciplines in assisting patients with substance abuse problems overcome their addictions. With a caring attitude and professional skills honed over a 25-year career, Dr. Minerva can help patients break their addictions and avoid falling back into them in times of stress. Dr. Minerva studied with Dr. Peter G. Ossorio, the father of humanistic descriptive psychology, and has a long history of providing drug and alcohol therapy and rehabilitation.

Dr. Minerva has a master’s degree in business and can help provide psychological expertise to businesses seeking advice on mental health and related matters. Dr. Minerva can also help patients with a variety of other issues, such as adolescent problems, sex addiction, relationship issues, PTSD and more.

By scheduling a consultation with Dr. Minerva, you can learn whether his approach is the right treatment for you.