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Thoughts on addiction.

How to help a Loved One Overcome Addiction

3 Steps to Freedom It can be difficult to navigate a relationship with an addict but it is impossible. These tips below will help you and your loved one overcome the struggle of addiction: Acceptance – Acknowledging that your loved one has a problem is the first step. It is a hard reality to face… Read more »

Overcoming Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol dependence plagues many people every day and it can greatly affect every area of their lives, their relationships, their jobs, and more. Although they may experience negative results of their alcoholism it still may not be enough to get them to stop. If you cannot function without a drink it may be time to… Read more »

Struggling with Addiction?

Are Drugs, alcohol, or gambling interrupting your everyday life, ruining your relationships, or causing you despair? There is hope for you. Dr. Daniel Minerva specializes in helping people find freedom from their excessive use of alcohol, cocaine, prescription medications, obsessive thinking, tobacco, and other drugs, gambling, and compulsive sex. Dr. Daniel Minerva has over 20… Read more »